DIY School Bus Costume

Monday, October 30, 2017

My in-laws came to visit a few weeks back and brought us a variety of goodies from their kids' childhood. One of the things they brought over was one of those retro wooden Radioflyer wagons that they thought Asher would be able to use. Flash forward a week or two as I was trying to ponder what in the world we were going to do for a costume this year for our little man, and I remembered that we had this red treasure on wheels hanging out in our garage. If you have ever met our son, you know his love for buses. "Boos" as he calls them was one of his first words, and every time he sees them pass our house or on the streets he shouts out their name with glee. Seriously, just last week, a bus pulled up behind us at an intersection and this kid was a broken record of pointing and chanting it's name. That being said, I thought our new Radionflyer, combined with our child's obsession with school transportation just might work together to create this year's perfect costume.

To make the bus really was not difficult at all, honestly all it took was some cutting and gluing skills and a Friday "date" night for my husband and I to put it all together. Yes, we live on the edge with our dates these days.

Supplies included the following:

2 sheets of large yellow poster board (I bought the thickest stuff I could find at Hobby Lobby - I believe it was $9.99 a sheet - so use that 40% off coupon! We did have extra to use for another project in the future.)

3-5 sheets of red, black and white paper (Scrapbook paper, construction paper and computer paper would all work fine.)

Tape (We used packing tape.)

Liquid Glue

A cutting tool (I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out the stop sign, circles and all the letters, and then I used my scrapbook slicing tool for all the windows and doors.)

All in all, it cost us a little under $20 total and a few hours of time to put the finished product together.

To help Asher "fit the part", we snagged a sweet little toddler backpack for him to wear - which also served the purpose of holding his water, snacks etc. as well. You could certainly even use it for the purpose of holding all of your little's "trick or treat" goodies.

So there you have it. Let's not forget to mention the fact that having our bus made toting around our toddler incredibly easy as well. He was riding in style, chanting "boos" along the way for all to hear. I am thinking we may have to "wear" our costume beyond the month of October.

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