DIY School Bus Costume

Monday, October 30, 2017

My in-laws came to visit a few weeks back and brought us a variety of goodies from their kids' childhood. One of the things they brought over was one of those retro wooden Radioflyer wagons that they thought Asher would be able to use. Flash forward a week or two as I was trying to ponder what in the world we were going to do for a costume this year for our little man, and I remembered that we had this red treasure on wheels hanging out in our garage. If you have ever met our son, you know his love for buses. "Boos" as he calls them was one of his first words, and every time he sees them pass our house or on the streets he shouts out their name with glee. Seriously, just last week, a bus pulled up behind us at an intersection and this kid was a broken record of pointing and chanting it's name. That being said, I thought our new Radionflyer, combined with our child's obsession with school transportation just might work together to create this year's perfect costume.

Pumpkin Nights - Twin Cities

Tuesday, October 24, 2017
This post was written in exchange for preview tickets to Pumpkin Nights; however, all opinions are more own. 

We never keep Asher up past his bedtime. We are generally very firm with his 6:30pm deadline as there is usually some significant eye rubbing, arms flailing and next day repercussions if not. But when the opportunity arose for us to attend Pumpkin Nights - Twin Cities, we felt like that it was an opportunity that called upon us to be "rebels" for the evening so that he could attend. I'll admit, while the next day was a little rough, the awe on our little man's face and the continuous "wows" that came out of his mouth made it more than worth it.

Raising a Boy in this World

Friday, October 20, 2017
This post was written in exchange for a tee from Simple Little Apparel; however, all opinions are more own. 

I gotta admit that when we found out we were having a boy, I was bound and determined that I would ensure that he had equal part truck to doll ratio in his toy box and that he would have other colors besides blue in his closet. I wanted to be sure that he had books to read on a variety of topics, that he was able to explore his own interests (and not what I or the world dictated they would be) and that most importantly, he would learn to love the Lord and love on others the way God calls us to.

Flash forward, I now have an incredible and spirited, 17 month old (say what?) who is coming into his own and showing us all what he is made of. He is demonstrating his own unique interests and "free" will and along with that it is encouraging and challenging us as his parents at the same time to truly think long and hard about what it means to raise a little boy in this world.

You see, despite all of my option giving, Asher still seems drawn to many stereotypical "boy" things. I'll admit, it actually surprised me how many of these things he was drawn to automatically without (known) influence from us or the outside world. Our little man loves seeing how things work. He loves building creations out of legos. He loves "vrooming" around with his toy cars and watching the garbage trucks pass our house each week. He loves pointing out daddy's tools in the garage, and loves reading the same book about construction machines each night when given the choice. From a worldly perspective, he is "all boy".


Twistshake Giveaway

Monday, October 9, 2017
For those of you that follow along with my Instagram, you know our love for our Twistshake sippy cups in our house. Why are they any different from every other other cup on the market you may ask?  

They are unique in that the way they are designed allows for infusing delicious fruit flavors into your child's water. There is a special additional "fruit mixer" cap that goes into between the mouthpiece and actual cup that enables you to add and shake whatever fruit you desire for your babe to make a flavorful thirst quencher without all of the sugar of juice! We've mixed everything from strawberries in the summer to apples in the fall to ensure this little guy gets a taste of all of the delicious flavors of the season.