DIY Craft Pegboard

Sunday, April 9, 2017
There are a ton of these pegboard tutorials cropping up lately across blogs, Pinterest, etc. Seeing as my husband and I are people who follow directions really well, we are grateful to those individuals who put the hard work in on the front end to not only give us the idea but a clear path as to how to create it. Thus, I will not be spending a great deal of time in this post talking about how we made it - as there are plenty of ideas out there for that - rather, I will share that which took me the bulk of my time - determining how to organize the board and where to buy what I was going to put on it.

To create our board we more or less followed this tutorial from Ginger Snap Crafts (which I would highly recommend). The most important thing that I took away from her tutorial was that we needed to create a frame for our board first so that there was space between the board and the wall for the hangers to go. We went ahead and created our frame with the cheapest 1 X 2's we could find and then screwed the frame and the 4 x 3ft pegboard into the wall. From there, we added the trim while it was already hanging with a nail gun. In the tutorial, she painted both white after to ensure they matched exactly. To save time (and let's be honest, energy), we skipped this step, and I think it looks just fine. Here is a side shot of the board so you can take a gander at the different layers.

Building materials for the actual board are as follows:
  • 1 X 2's - Purchase at Home Depot or other home improvement store and cut to the length desired to frame the back of the pegboard
  • Pegboard - Like this one. (Note: We ended up purchasing a 4ft x 8ft piece as it was this size or 2 x 4ft (which was too small) that were available. We had them cut it for us to the size we wanted at Home Depot. That being said, we have some extra hanging out in our garage for future projects...)
  • Molding for the frame - We literally bought the cheapest white stuff we could find at Home Depot.
  • And then screws, nails, wood glue (if you choose), and paint (if you choose)
Once the hubs got the board on the wall, I set to my work of organizing. The process reminded me a bit of putting together a gallery wall (for those of you that are familiar with this), there is definitely an art to spacing and getting creative in getting as much up there as possible. Baskets, shelves and hooks were definitely my best friend.

Organizational items used for our pegboard and where to purchase them:
  • Metal buckets: Michaels (although I think you can get them at pretty much any craft store - just saw them at Hobby Lobby this past week as well)
  • 2 inch hooks for hanging buckets, twine, and heart punch/glue gun: Home Depot (packs come in a variety of different numbers)
  • Black baskets (come in a 3 pack of large, medium and small): Home Depot
  • Small mason jars: Target Dollar Spot for $3
  • Wood Shelf: We used leftover wood we had on hand and stained it with this.
  • 4 inch hooks for hanging shelf: Home Depot (packs come in a variety of different numbers)

  • Large Mason Jars: Target Dollar Spot for $3
  • "Today I Shall Create" Frame: Hobby Lobby (this frame was bare wood, and we stained it with the same stain as the shelves - it was a challenge for me to figure out how to hang this, but I ended up putting it up with 3M strips - fingers crossed it stays)

And there you have it friends. I will admit, I kind of "ohh" and "ahh" to myself each time I now walk in our office.  It's always nice when one's crafting dreams become a reality ;). Now on to our next project...

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  1. Absolutely loved this, Will definitely make one when I have more room. thank you for sharing :)