Nurse Gifts after Delivery

Thursday, June 9, 2016
We had some incredible nurses who not only took care of me in the days following delivery, day and night, but who also took care of our little one in the NICU over these past few weeks. Great nurses make such a difference, and we are beyond appreciative of all that they have done for our family. To show our appreciation in a small way, we put together a few baskets to share with each of the units during this past week. 

For the first basket that we delivered to the nurses in the postpartum unit, I purchased two packs of snack/lunch size popcorn and a pretty good sized basket. I lined the basket with some tissue paper and created the tag you see below. All in all it cost me around $15 dollars to put together. If you have a basket on hand - you could do it even cheaper!

We created our second basket of goodies for our friends in the NICU who have treated our little man just like their own. 

For this one, we snagged a bin at the Target dollar spot along with some Lifesavers mints and we were in business. The staff actually set our bin out at the sign in desk of the NICU so parents could indulge in the minty goodness as well. 

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