New Neighbor Welcome

Saturday, April 9, 2016
The Happ family has been beyond busy all.

Not only have we spent the past few months preparing for our little one, but we had also been diligently hunting for our first home. After what seems like over 100 houses later, we found our winner. Blog family, meet our new cottage in the city. Isn't she cute?

We are lucky enough to have our apartment still for a bit while we do some renovations on the inside before moving in. Let's just say the wallpaper, plush white carpet and pretty much all decor were not our style - but we were sold on the location, potential and adorable curb appeal - and I choose to believe it just gives us a chance to make it fully "our own". Get ready for some serious, budget friendly home update posts here in the future.

That being said, one of the things we are really excited about in moving to a neighborhood is having neighbors! Within the first few days of closing, we received food, cards, "hellos" you name it from those surrounding our new little abode, and it could not reassure me more about the choice that we made. I often feel like that community feel that used to be so rich in many neighborhoods has sort of gone to the wayside in many places, but knowing our neighbors is still an ideal I hold dear - especially when we are bringing our new bundle of joy into the mix. Thus, I decided I would set out to get a good start on the welcome train as well and bring our neighbors a delicious little "hello" offering.

This little gem was inspired originally by this post from the Army Wife Network. To create mine, I simply purchased two boxes of microwaveable popcorn, set to creating the topper and info pages and tied it all together with some ribbon flair.

Then I set to the fun part of delivery. I was able to chat with and meet several neighbors that were out and about as I made my rounds, and those that were not I simply left our bundle of fun at their doors for later. This was such a simple way to begin to foster that comfort level among our neighbors, and I look forward to seeing all that's in store for our family as we begin this new adventure in our new community.

If your interested in making your own welcome gift for your new neighbors, you can snag the template here.