How I Told my Husband We're Expecting

Sunday, January 10, 2016
It was a Saturday morning in late October when we found out we were expecting. I woke up early as I was planning on taking the test, and per usual the process had me a little anxious. I had taken many tests, many times before and while that little negative symbol had become somewhat of a staple for us, I held on to the hope that one of these times things would be different.

As I took the test that morning, I took those few minutes that seem like hours as I had done in the past to remind myself that if it did not show what we were hoping for that it just meant it was not God's timing for us yet as well as to pray that no matter what the outcome, I would choose joy and not feel sorry for myself the rest of the day. In one way shape or form, one day, I knew that God would shine light on his plan for growing our little family.

Little did I know, that Saturday morning in late October, was that day. The test was positive. I could not believe my eyes. 

Somehow, I was able to contain my excitement and play it cool as my husband woke up for work that morning. (Yes, my lucky guy works on Saturdays.) After he headed off, I set to brainstorming and preparing how I could share the incredible news with him that evening. 

We were planning on making dinner together when he returned from work, so I scanned the ingredients the recipe called for thinking about how I could get creative with them. I landed on a carton of eggs for my inspiration. I formed a plan to create a short poem, attach it to the test (I had taken a few at this point throughout the day just to really prove to myself that it was real...) and then stash it in the egg carton for him to find. 

That evening when the hubs arrived home, we set out to cook our meal. As we were adding ingredients to the pan, I casually asked him if he could grab a few eggs for us. As he headed toward the fridge, I headed toward my phone in hopes of capturing this once in a lifetime moment. The look on his face, the "Are you serious?" expression and the sheer joy, hugs and emotions that followed are ones I will never forget. We feel incredibly blessed to have been graced with this little miracle from God and to begin this unbelieveable journey to parenthood.


Pantry Organization on a Budget

Saturday, January 2, 2016

In an effort to use my free time wisely over this winter break and tap into my organizational energy, I decided it was time to give our pantry a little love. I'm not sure why this space hasn't received any TLC earlier, because judging from the before photo was clearly past due.

Now I will admit, while it looks a little chaotic, there was still a bit of a rhyme and reason to the madness previously. However, I was also constantly moving items from one shelf to the next as with labels as to where things should go only created in my head, the hubs was never quite privy to this classified information. 

So a few days ago, I decided it was time to take control of the situation and make my invisible labels, visible to all. We already had a few containers at home on hand, but I knew I wanted a few more as well as a bit of uniformity, if possible, throughout. Armed with gift cards in hand as well as a coupon for $5 off of $25 spent on storage, I headed to one of my favorite magical places- Target. 

There, I purchased all of the white bins you see pictured as well as one more of the clear cereal type bins. The other clear bin we already had on hand and the blue bin you see I received as part of a Christmas gift and decided to reuse (for free) for this purpose. All in all, with coupons and gift cards, the purchase did not cost us a penny out of our own pockets.

Then I set out to make the labels. Thinking about the most prevalent or primary items in each bin, I was able to create titles for printing. I then backed each with some scrapbook paper I had on hand and added them to each bin. Let's just say now it takes the guess work out for the hubs, the shifting of and searching for items off my plate, and I no longer cringe when I open the door. My organizational side is pleased.