Halloween At Home Date

Sunday, November 1, 2015
The mister and I started this tradition last year, and we had a blast, so we thought we'd see if we could get even more creative this time around. So what's this tradition you may ask?

Well making a haunted gingerbread house of course.

To begin we made a trip to the store to gather some festive goodies. Graham crackers (aka gingerbread) and frosting (I like the cream cheese kind as it's extra sticky) are a must. Beyond that you can get as crazy as you'd like with the home decor.

Once you have your fixings, you are ready to set up shop. We used a pizza pan as our base, but really any pan or plate will do. Also, to get us in a festive mood, the hubs took on the role of DJ and set up some Halloween jams.

To create the walls of the house, we spread a good layer of the frosting on the back of the graham crackers and adhered them to the box they came in. The box is the perfect size usually for a haunted home's foundation.

Then it was time for our favorite part - the details. We are talking windows, sidewalks, spooky pets and more. One of the family cats even received a new scarf!

Exquisite, right? It's move in ready folks. We are currently taking offers. 

Hope everyone had a safe and HAPPy Halloween!