Fall Farmer's Market Date

Sunday, October 11, 2015

This fine Sunday morning, the mister and I took the opportunity to embrace these fleeting days of blissful fall weather to head to our local Farmer's Market. We absolutely love perusing the aisles of the market for delicious local finds, and while we live incredibly close, the hustle and bustle of life doesn't allow us to get there as much as we would like. Thus today, it was time, and I woke the hubs up plenty early and told him we were going on a date.

Getting all of our produce at the market and planning our meal menu around what is in season is such a fun challenge for us. It encourages us to try and explore new foods and recipes, and we love seeing the variety of new items that each week brings.

Not to mention the colors of fresh foods and flowers are like no other. We love pointing out vibrant, large (see broccoli below) and interesting finds to each other as we walk along.

After we finished our shopping, we decided to head to brunch at a local restaurant around the corner from the market. This particular restaurant serves food made from local ingredients, many coming straight from the market themselves. It was a great way to top off our date and start our day off on the right foot - together.

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