5 Reasons to Build a Blanket Fort with your Spouse

Sunday, September 13, 2015

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Mr. Happ and I were reminiscing the other evening about a time a few years back when we built a fort together out of blankets and pillows and spent the evening like two giddy children all huddled and cuddled inside of it. It got me thinking that not only is it time to scrounge our place for every last blanket, pillow, chair and table and do it all over again, but the reason I feel this way is because it was an enjoyable date for us for a variety of reasons.

1. As I shared above, building a fort brought back that nostalgia of childhood for us. You know, the days when the biggest challenge of the day was getting that sheet to stay put on that chair. Such simple pleasure.

2. Not only does building a fort bring you back to those childhood days, but it is a free date night. All you truly need is to get creative with items you already have on hand at home.

3. Building a fort together also gave us the opportunity to work as a team with a common goal. While this may seem like a silly and simplistic couple building exercise, it is still pretty gratifying to see the end result your created together.

4. Going along with #3, it also provides opportunities for problem solving and communication. When a wall starts to fall, you need an extra hand or the pillow pile just isn't quite squishy enough for your no longer 8-year-old bodies, you can determine as a pair how to fix the situation.

5. You get to hang out in it when it is done. This is by far the best part. Snuggle up, eat a late night snack, sip some wine, watch a movie or use your imagination.

Happy building.


  1. My husband and I built a blanket fort a few years ago on Valentine's Day, it was so much fun! My siblings and I used to make one that covered our entire basement every New Years Eve and we would sleep in it. This post makes me want to do it all over again, brings back so many memories!