Junk Bonanza

Saturday, September 26, 2015

This girl is (see above) after spending the morning at an event called the Junk Bonanza. This expo is an antique, shabby chic, vintage lover's dreamland, and I cannot believe it has taken me so long to experience this treasure-filled festivity myself.

Seriously friends, aisle after aisle of vendors and adorably unique finds. Being that many of these vendors are also local, it gave me an opportunity to get a sneak peek into a variety of shops in the area that I have no doubt I will be perusing again in the near future.

I am consistently amazed by people's ability to create, envision and repurpose, and I can't help but feel inspired after visiting events such as these. Yay for junk.

I was really hoping to find a distressed ladder that I have been wanting for awhile to add a little character to our living room and the expo did not disappoint. While I found a few other great little trinkets, this was by far my favorite purchase. Living room meet your newest addition.

Feel free to head to the Junk Bonanza website to see when it's coming to a city near you. Grab a girlfriend or two and your shopping legs and enjoy your day of treasure hunting!


5 Reasons to Build a Blanket Fort with your Spouse

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Photo Credit.

Mr. Happ and I were reminiscing the other evening about a time a few years back when we built a fort together out of blankets and pillows and spent the evening like two giddy children all huddled and cuddled inside of it. It got me thinking that not only is it time to scrounge our place for every last blanket, pillow, chair and table and do it all over again, but the reason I feel this way is because it was an enjoyable date for us for a variety of reasons.

1. As I shared above, building a fort brought back that nostalgia of childhood for us. You know, the days when the biggest challenge of the day was getting that sheet to stay put on that chair. Such simple pleasure.

2. Not only does building a fort bring you back to those childhood days, but it is a free date night. All you truly need is to get creative with items you already have on hand at home.

3. Building a fort together also gave us the opportunity to work as a team with a common goal. While this may seem like a silly and simplistic couple building exercise, it is still pretty gratifying to see the end result your created together.

4. Going along with #3, it also provides opportunities for problem solving and communication. When a wall starts to fall, you need an extra hand or the pillow pile just isn't quite squishy enough for your no longer 8-year-old bodies, you can determine as a pair how to fix the situation.

5. You get to hang out in it when it is done. This is by far the best part. Snuggle up, eat a late night snack, sip some wine, watch a movie or use your imagination.

Happy building.


How to Score a New Fall Wardrobe for Under $40

Monday, September 7, 2015

It was a yearly tradition when I was a child to go back-to-school clothes shopping. My mother would always take us during those last few weeks of August, and it was an event that I looked forward to and anticipated as a "kick off" to the year.

That desire and love for fall wardrobe shopping has not changed. However, these days mom no longer pays, and the husband and I are currently on quite the strict financial savings plan.

So what's a girl to do?

Well, I gave myself a budget of $40 and challenged myself to see what I could do with it. I had a bag I had been meaning to take to our local Goodwill for a while, and thought why not start there? Particularly because when you make a donation to Goodwill, they give you a coupon for 25% your purchase at their stores. This had the potential of taking my tiny budget even further. Two Goodwill stores later along with a little time, a little digging and a little luck, I managed to find 10 new gently loved fall pieces to add to my wardrobe and kick off my school year in style.

I managed to find everything from skirts to scarves, business to comfort (I think the lounge pants were my favorite find) for only $38.00. Yes, you heard it right $38.00 (this included rounding up a few cents at the cash register for charity). Friends, I could have purchased one sweater for this price at my favorite retail store, but instead I scored 10 different items.

If you like the thrill of a good hunt - thrifting is for you.
If not, then it may still be for you if you have a budget like mine. At least give it a try.

Update: I showed my husband all my finds, and he promptly decided he wanted to go back-to-school shopping as well. I insisted we go back and try Goodwill first, before anything else, this afternoon, and a few sweaters, tees, button downs and a Calvin Klein suitcoat later, I am pretty sure he is their next loyal customer. His fashion show photos up next week ;).