Wine Cork Memories

Wednesday, August 12, 2015
This idea was originally inspired by MintageHome a few years back. The corks have found their home in a few different jars and locations along the way, but I am loving their current home on the wine rack (seems most fitting, right?) in our kitchen.

The process is really quite simple. After uncorking a bottle of wine, grab a sharpie and jot down the date and the occasion as you sip. Sometimes our corks display big events like anniversaries to small and intimate ones like an evening at home with good conversation. 

To store your memory corks, you can use a vase, jar, large basket (some of you may be more avid wine drinkers than others), or even get creative like we did and find a piece that fits your style and your corks. Any way you choose to do it, it serves as a simple and unique way to preserve and relive special moments in your lives.

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  1. My best friend does this and has been doing it for years! I didn't know she was collecting corks but when I was nosing through her jar I found one from her wedding 5 years ago! It's such a neat idea!