State Fair Scavenger Hunt

Friday, August 28, 2015
This afternoon the mister and I hit up the State Fair. To embrace the crowds and the crazy, we decided to spice up our adventure with a little scavenger hunt. 

Here are the 25 items that made our list:

1. The best artery clogging food
2. The longest hot dog at the fair
3. A vegetable bigger than your head

4.  Someone who clearly attends the fair every day
5.  Someone who is holding more food than he/she can really handle
6. An award winning cake/pie
7. An unfortunate tattoo
8. A political booth
9. A newscast filming live
10. A baby animal
11. An award winning animal
12. A freebie you can wear proudly

13. Something that is actually healthy to eat
14. A temper tantrum
15. Something on a stick that isn't food
16. Someone carrying a giant stuffed animal
17. Someone who is way too dressed up 
18. Someone sleeping (aka in a food coma)
19. Airbrushed clothing
20. Someone wearing pajamas
21. A couple making out
22. Somewhere to stick your head in and say cheese

23.  A couple in matching outfits
24.  A fanny pack
25.  A little bit of bottom "cleavage" 

We nearly checked off our entire list in the few hours we spent at the fair. Surprisingly enough we had the hardest time finding a couple making out (thinking we went too early in the day- not enough drinks to be had yet), and bottom "cleavage". Although, I will admit I saw plenty of bottom "cheeks" poking out of some very underwear-sized shorts along the way. 

In all, our hunt kept us entertained, focused and from spending a bunch of unnecessary money too. 
Winning all around if you ask me.

Grab a free copy of our hunt by clicking on the image below if you'd like to share in the fun at your State Fair. 

Credits: Andrew Zimmern, Scrappin Doodles

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