Restaurant Jar

Tuesday, July 14, 2015
After moving to a new city this past year, the hubs and I have been wanting to take advantage of the array of new restaurants that are now surrounding us. Try as we might, I will admit that while we venture out on occasion, we seemed to find ourselves continuing to return to the same local spots that we found palette pleasing within the first months of our move.
This past week as we were feeling adventurous and driving to a restaurant (that we hadn't yet experienced), we noted along the way the variety of other restaurants and locales that looked like they might be places we should check out as well. I took out my phone and began adding the names to a new note to reference later when we arrived home. 
To inspire us to try out some of these new places, instead of always reverting back to what we know, I decided to add the names of these gems we haven't yet sampled to popsicle sticks and pop them into a mason jar we had hanging out in our cupboard. Our plan is to now select a stick (no peeking allowed) each time we are in the mood to eat out. We also plan to add new sticks as we come across new places or recommendations so our jar stays full.

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