Inspirational Bathroom Art

Saturday, October 4, 2014
This week, after nearly two months of staring at the blank canvas of a wall in our bathroom, I decided it was finally time to take care of business. I had been perusing stores in the area and Etsy shops on and off since we moved, but wasn't really finding anything that screamed "take me home and hang me up".

Which, looking back now, I am completely content with that as our new décor cost me absolutely nothing and is charming and purposeful in all the right ways.

As we headed home from church last Sunday, I was not only moved by our sermon, but reminded of some powerful scripture that I was particularly in need of lately with all of the big changes in jobs, location, etc. in our lives. 

I thought- now those words - that inspiration-, that is what I need to wake up to each day. These uplifting words are what I need to see staring me in the face providing me with the strength and confidence to handle with grace any challenge that comes my way.

Thus, I snagged a few old frames we had hanging around the house that we hadn't really found a home for yet, and whipped up some simple printables to fill them with God's word. 
Instant, inspirational bathroom art, folks. Blank wall, meet sheer joy.

HAPPy Saturday.