Fall Pumpkin Painting Date

Friday, October 24, 2014
Last weekend the hubs and I had a little at home fall date with the goal of adding a little flair to our porch. We purchased a few pumpkins and some good ole' fashioned acrylic paint and set to work with a pumpkin painting adventure.

Is our work perfect? Better Homes and Gardens worthy? 
By no means.
But we had a ton of fun just sitting and sipping some drinks and soaking up the last moments of fall warmth while spending quality time together.


DIY Fall Wreath

Sunday, October 19, 2014

I have been craving one of those adorably monogrammed fall wreaths to adorn our front door over the past few weeks and just really wasn't finding anything that suited our style or our budget. 

I am one that loves the browns and golds of fall, but doesn't so much dig the Halloween oranges and blacks when it comes to decorating. I am also all about simplicity and love the look of a rustic, natural wreath with a few embellishments. Thus, I decided to take this vision with me and paid a quick trip to Hobby Lobby this weekend in hopes of a little DIY wreath project inspiration.

The wreath base pictured above only cost $4.99 for this medium size, but also comes in a variety of smaller and larger sizes depending on what you are looking for as well. 

You can add as many or as little embellishments as suits your fancy! I wandered the aisles of their fall decor and chose a few fall flowers and that small twig pumpkin you see to add a little dimension first. Be sure to select embellishments such as these that are already on sticks as it makes it simple just to slide them into the vines of the wreath - no adhesives needed! I also selected some light colored burlap ribbon and followed this tutorial from On Sutton Place to make the "perfect bow" to attach above the florals.

The final touch was the "H" to give me that monogram look I was going for. I wasn't in love with the black color, but I liked the font, so I decided to grab some gold paint to make it the color I wanted. After it dried, I used some twine I had on hand at home to tie it to the wreath. You could hot glue this for extra support. I simply wrapped tight and tied a knot in the back. 

And there you have it. I love how it turned out and when all was said and done, I spent a fraction of what I would have and finished with a wreath that was exactly what I was looking for.

I feel like now I can officially say- welcome fall.


Inspirational Bathroom Art

Saturday, October 4, 2014
This week, after nearly two months of staring at the blank canvas of a wall in our bathroom, I decided it was finally time to take care of business. I had been perusing stores in the area and Etsy shops on and off since we moved, but wasn't really finding anything that screamed "take me home and hang me up".

Which, looking back now, I am completely content with that as our new d├ęcor cost me absolutely nothing and is charming and purposeful in all the right ways.

As we headed home from church last Sunday, I was not only moved by our sermon, but reminded of some powerful scripture that I was particularly in need of lately with all of the big changes in jobs, location, etc. in our lives. 

I thought- now those words - that inspiration-, that is what I need to wake up to each day. These uplifting words are what I need to see staring me in the face providing me with the strength and confidence to handle with grace any challenge that comes my way.

Thus, I snagged a few old frames we had hanging around the house that we hadn't really found a home for yet, and whipped up some simple printables to fill them with God's word. 
Instant, inspirational bathroom art, folks. Blank wall, meet sheer joy.

HAPPy Saturday.