DIY Prayer Board

Friday, August 15, 2014

I have seen so many different prayer board ideas over the years, and I have always loved the idea as a constant reminder not only of how to be intentional about our prayers -  but also simply that we should be praying consistently as individuals and a couple in general.

My mother purchased us this statement cork board above for one of our bridal showers, and as I hung it on our wall and contemplated what to use it for, this idea seemed the perfect choice.

To spruce it up a bit, I purchased some scrapbooking flowers and had the hubs hot glue them to the ends of clear tacks.  For some reason the man loves to hot glue - Not sure, but I am thinking possibly because it involves a "gun" he considers it to be the manly version of crafting. 
Either way - I love the help.

The flowers definitely added the pop of color I was looking for.

Then I added a few bronze buckets I found at Michaels to hang on the hooks and store the supplies for the board.

In the first one, I placed our patterned Post-Its (purchased at The Container Store), in the middle one, I put the extra tacks not currently being used, and in the last, pens for writing the prayer requests.

I am loving how it adds pizazz and purpose to our kitchen wall.


Small Space, Big Color: Our Patio Reveal

Friday, August 8, 2014
We are officially all moved in to our new place, and the fun of organizing, decorating, hanging, compromising and cleaning is in full swing.

While we still have a lot to accomplish (isn't it always a work in progress?), the first space we have more-or-less conquered is our patio. Honestly, if you are looking to redecorate your patio, this is the perfect time of year to hop to it as nearly everything "summer" is on sale.

We got this sweet little table for two from Target on clearance for 30% off. I even got an additional discount for taking the floor model.
 I added the red pillows pictured I got on sale for 20% off at Pier 1 Imports for a bit more comfort and color as well. 

The yellow flower pot I got 50% off at Hobby Lobby and the other for $8 at a local nursery. I filled them both with flowers from the local farmer's market I purchased for a whoppin' $5.

The adorable "hope" statement rock was actually a favor at a friend's wedding years back. I thought this would be the perfect home for it. You could easily make a similar one yourself with any word or quote you'd like on it.

On the other side of our porch, I added these perfectly pettite lil' planter stands from Home Depot (about $35 for both) along with some (hopefully hardy) shade plants to top them off. I will admit, I am a forgetful waterer, so here's to hoping I can keep all of this beauty alive.

Finally in front of our door, I placed this patterned rug from Target we purchased for around $20. 

Here is the (almost) final outcome and a lingering question.