For my mom...

Sunday, May 11, 2014

As I was trying to work through how to put into words just how very special my dear mother is to me, I was reminded of a poem I had written for her somewhere around the age of 18 as I was embarking on my journey of more or less becoming a "grown-up", independent young woman myself. I took the time to reread the words I had written for my mom nearly a decade ago and was struck by how much they still ring true, many of them even more so now that I have grown older and my respect and love for her have developed that much further.

I thought I'd share the poem with you today, (keep in mind I was 18 when I wrote it - although I think it would have made Dr. Seuss proud), because I hope it will serve as a reminder not only for my mother and myself, but for all mothers and daughters out there of not only how special the relationship between a mother and daughter is, but also how selfless moms truly are in fostering our growth as people each and every step of the way.

For my mom...
A mother and a daughter have a very special bond,
and I feel blessed to say that ours goes above and beyond.

I know I always remind you of all the stupid little things you do, 
but please never forget that I remember all the good ones too.

Your advice and influence over the years has shaped who I have grown to be,
from a little girl threw tantrums to a responsible and mature young lady.

Thank you for always calming me down when I can't figure out what to do. 
The one I rely on to tell me it will be okay and everything will work out is you.

Anytime we spend together is of precious value to me,
from vacations, to shopping, to decorating a Christmas tree.

We have so many memories - the good and the bad,
from laughing so hard our stomachs hurt, to comforting each other when we are sad.

You are my idol, you are who I aspire to be, 
and I hope I can be to my children what you are to me.

I am proud of you for all that you do, 
from working, to going back to school, and being a mom too.

To me you are wonder woman and the worlds greatest mom all in one,
your powers endless, your work never done.

Thank you for your love and support over all of these years,
from the nitty gritty like wiping my bottom, to the important things like wiping my tears.

I hope that our relationship will continue to grow and flourish with age,
for in the book of life we've just begun our page.

I love you mom and feel beyond blessed that God chose you to be mine.
Happy Mother's Day 2014.

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