Sweetheart Table Signs

Sunday, April 13, 2014
Yesterday, I spent the afternoon creating some DIY Mr. and Mrs. signs to spice up our sweetheart table. I have been going back and forth as to how I wanted to "label this table", if you will, for a few weeks. I have seen everything from banners, to hanging chair signs, to chalkboards and more. But when I ran across a photo highlighting this type of head table with some repurposed wood name plates, I knew that I had found the perfect addition for our vintage, shabby chic feel. 

Lucky for me, my parents are getting ready to redo part of their deck this summer. Thus, my father was kind enough to tear off a few pieces of this truly "vintage" wood, to donate to my project!

I had him cut it into two,  4 1/4" by 10" pieces. 

Then I set to work with the following supplies. You could most certainly substitute the paint marker for any color as well as the buttons and flowers to match your wedding theme.

To get the paint to pop a bit more, I traced the letters with the markers several times giving it time to dry in between each coat until I had the effect I desired. 

I placed the signs on some vintage style easels I found at Michaels for 40% off, which made them even more lovely.

A small jar of flowers to top it off, and I think our table will be fit for the new "Mr. and Mrs".

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