A Getaway with the Girls

Saturday, February 15, 2014
Time spent together with a best friend is like a little slice of Heaven on Earth. 

I was lucky enough to be tucked away in a cabin with several of my best friends this past weekend for a little quality girl time and pre-wedding getaway. And let me tell you it was heavenly.

When you are younger, I think at times you take the moments you spend together with your girl friends for granted...like it will always be that way. As you get older, and life starts to change, you begin to realize that what once was a simple "let's get together at so & so's" turns into a "I'll have to get a sitter, drive for hours to reach you, get away from work and leave the hubby to his own devices affair".
A little more complex to say the least.

With that being said, I have learned to cherish these moments where we can all get together as we age, and I have an even deeper appreciation for these women as I know the planning and effort it entails to get away. It made our recent time together that much more meaningful.

My girlfriends definitely pulled out all the stops this weekend for the first of my "bride-to-be" activities. From adorable decorations, to delicious food (and drinks), to thoughtful gifts and fun-filled games, to updates on life, and above all laughter and love. This weekend had it all.

What a wonderful reminder of how blessed I am to have such beautiful ladies in my life.

Note the initials on my new mug :)!

Of course we did get out for one night :)

Thank you ladies for making this weekend so special. 

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