A Belated V-day Brunch

Monday, February 17, 2014
So Ryan worked until 9:00pm on the actual "Valentine's Day", thus we decided to push back the festivities a bit and host a lil' Sunday brunch celebration and our own "day-o'-love" instead. 

We started the morning with some brunch place setting prep. 

He was such a good sport and really put some thought into his design.
He even decorated the handle.

Once our mugs were ready, we placed them in the oven for 30 minutes on 350 degrees so that they could set. I originally got this mug-baking concept from a variety of pins on Pinterest. I must say that as we held/washed out the cups a bit of the marker seemed to be rubbing off, so I think we will spring for some sort of top coat this week to preserve these beauties.

Next, it was meal prep time. 
Every good chef must play the part.

Perfect fit ;).

So what did these two top chef's create, you might ask?
Love themed food, of course.

Heart shaped strawberry skewers: Simply chop off the tops, slice down the middle, and cut out a small triangle section from the middle top of each half.

Paleo apple cinnamon muffins: Find the recipe from "Everyday Paleo" here.

Spiced apple cider: Now I realize it's not fall (all I have to do is look outside at the heaping mountains of snow), however, neither of us are big coffee drinkers so I opted for this tasty, hot drink instead. I must say, tt made the whole house smell quite heavenly too. Get the recipe here.

And finally no day-o'-love brunch would be complete without heart shaped scrambled eggs. I was able to get a metal heart-shaped cookie cutter for 50% off at Walmart that we used to form these beauts. (Guess that is the nice thing about celebrating after the fact - everything's on sale!)

Finally, time to eat. 
Aren't the roses gorgeous? My handsome chef had them sent to my school on Valentine's Day, and I must say they added a nice touch to our table.

Toast to a job well done!

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